Try Partner Yoga This Valentine’s Day

Looking for something different to do with your love this Valentines Day? Have you been trying to coax your partner to join you in Yoga? Partner Yoga may be the answer.

The word Yoga, actually means yoke or union, a joining together. Typically this union is made through the work of both mind and body. In Partner Yoga, we are also able to explore energy shared with another person. Through trust and connection, we can work with our partners to develop a deeper sense of relaxation and also through assisted stretching, a chance to move more deeply into our own bodies and flexibility training.

The beauty of partner yoga is that it can be done in the privacy of your own room, in fitness clothes, pj’s, (or possibly a lot less!) and with or without a yoga mat. With these simple stretches and poses from YogaFit, partner yoga can be done by anyone regardless of yoga or fitness experience. The poses themselves are relaxing, rejuvenating and a wonderful way to reconnect to your partner in a loving and nurturing way.

Here are some simple poses to get you started, maybe with a little creativity you and your partner may come up with a few more on your own.


Two Trees

Two Trees


Establishing balance together through both a little trust and some core stability. With arms wrapped around each other finding Tree pose on the one side and then trying the other. Making sure standing legs are strong, abdominals are engaged and then allowing your sense of humour to get you through.


Heart & Butterfly

Heart & Butterfly

Sitting back to back in a comfortable seated position. One of you leans forward, while your partner fully relaxes against you. Staying for a few breaths and then gently moving back and changing positions.


Double Owl

Double Owl

Sitting back-to-back, taking a deep breath as you both turn to your right, resting one hand gently on your partners knee. Staying here for a few breaths and then slowly moving to your left.




Facing each other in a straddle position so you are both comfortable. Joining hands one of you leans forward for a deep stretch while the other leans back and then slowly moving the opposite way. Feel free to flow a few times if this feels goo


Two Moons

Two Moons

Moving into a kneeling lunge position, with the right leg forward for both of you. Reaching back to join hands, either towards the floor or overhead. On your exhale gently moving away from each other keeping hands clasped until a deep stretch is felt through either quads, hips, shoulders or all of the above. This pose signifies two individuals finding their own paths, while trusting their partner will support them.


Make sure you finish your session with a hug to honour the space you have shared in your yoga practice. Happy Valentines Day from YogaFit!


By Lisa Greenbaum E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Director of YogaFit Canada, Master Trainer and International Presenter.



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  1. Too cute! And fun! And of course sex after ;-)

  2. Great article! Love the partner work and the partners!

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