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Ann Moore







Ann Moore is a stay-at-home mom who sneaks away to write while treating herself to nachos and a pint.  She is the author of YA novel, Girl Reinvented and she is also the Senior Editor at The Purple Fig. Check her out at www.annmoorewriter.com or follow her on Twitter @AMooreWriter.


Amana Manori








Amana Manori is a lawyer, a mom and a business owner. She was recently profiled by Femme-o-nomics in their Wavemakers feature of ‘female innovators – woman who are constantly blazing new trails, inspiring others and revolutionizing the status quo’. 


Sue Cleall

Sue Cleall lives in Vancouver with her husband and dog Hugo. She loves her wine, road biking and staying active.









Erica Christina lives in Northern Virginia and is a great lover of caffeine, food and good literature. All three at once, sensation overload. @EriicaChristina


Nikki Bergen











Nikki Bergen almost worked in a cubicle after undergrad, but a well-timed epiphany at 21 led this life-long dancer to get a gig donning sequins and stage makeup in Mexico. Nikki never looked back. This Pilates instructor loves the power of eye liner and nude pumps, and grew up on Madonna and Fleetwood Mac.She’s created a Fitness Philosophy for Women called The Belle Method and believes women are the all powerful, all knowing beings that will eventually heal the world. She’s getting married in 2014 to the windsurfer she fell for during that Mexican jaunt 10 years ago.











Lisa Cunningham lives in Toronto with her husband Charlie and son Isaac. She is into baking, travel, blogging and real estate. She can also be found at Momdrom.blogspot.com











Cory Bentley answers parenting questions in our Ask Big Sister column. She is a practicing counsellor and has also been her little sister’s advisor for as long as she can remember. Cory lives in Toronto with her husband and four kids.










Tara Leitch has been down a winding road that has seen one marriage crumble and a stronger relationship form. She battles thyroid cancer and supports her mother as she wages war on Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In her spare time she writes and is an aspiring children’s author. A positive attitude, a lot of hope and a glass of wine in hand is all that Tara needs to carry on.


Tammy Wolinksky








Tammy finally settled in Calgary, Alberta after gallavanting in Toronto, Los Angeles and New York City. While she loves the big city and bright lights, she is currently enjoying a quieter life with her fluffy pooch and snuggly boyfriend. Tammy works as a full time High School English teacher and while she still loves the insanity that is teaching, she is focused on returning to her love of writing.  

Katie Long with Cap the horse









Katie Long is passionate about travelling, reading, eating and drinking and her most importantly, her animals. She has an 8 year old Pomeranian named Lychee Congu and a 9 year old Arabain gelding named El Capitan. She follows her heart and rarely apologizes for it… if nothing else, her mishaps and missteps should make for a good read.









Trish Bentley is the editor-in-chief and founder of thepurplefig.com. She graduated from The New School University in NYC with a B.A (concentration in writing). She is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Parentdish and has written for The New York Press, 12 St. Journal, shedoesthecity.com. She has also published the children’s book, About Town with Benny Be. Trish lives in Toronto with her husband, their two boys and Benny the dog. 




Marni Weaver









Marni Weaver is a working mom with a passion for sewing and design, and she doesn’t mind her wine. Haberdashery Fun is her personal blog about sewing, design and everything in between. Connect with Marni at @haberdasheryfun and facebook.com/haberdasheryfun







Hilary Hahn is a designer who culls inspiration in vintage objects and traveling. On her blog, Pink Pianos, and handmade shop she shares her passion for fine art and handmade design one restoration project at a time.





Meagan is our Pinferior columnist. She is a mother, a wife, and a non-profit ninja (when not on mat leave) who has lived and worked on both sides of the pond. She loves travel, reading, crafts and cooking, but isn’t particularly stellar at any of them (except for reading – she can do that real good).  When her kids are napping she languishes in front of the computer, dreaming about the Pinterest Perfect life she’ll have one day…

All text and images on The Purple Fig  are copyright of their respective authors, except where otherwise noted. If you would like to reproduce any of our content, please contact us first. 

Copyright © 2013 The Purple Fig


All text and images on The Purple Fig are copyright of their respective authors, except where otherwise noted. If you would like to reproduce any of our content, please contact us first.
Copyright © 2013 The Purple Fig

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